Neuro Sciences

Paras Institute of Neurosciences at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon closely works with the best neurosurgeons in India. The institute is well-furnished with the latest medical equipment such as  high end Magnetic Resonance Imaging, optimum operating microscopes and accurate surgical instruments.

What is Neurosurgery?

Most of the people think neurosurgery and brain surgery are one and the same thing. However, brain surgery is a part of neurosurgery. 

The procedure of neurosurgery deals with both the central and peripheral nervous systems. Doctors who perform such surgeries are neurosurgeons and we have the best neuro surgeon in India on board, to cater to the patients.  Our neurosurgeons have hands on experience in diagnosing various forms of neurological disorders. At our super specialty tertiary care center in Gurgaon we have carried out neurosurgery for spinal column, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Since neurosurgery deals with our nervous system we get queries from patients with ailments like Hydrocephalus, Parkinson and Tumors of brain and spine. With a team comprising of the best neurosurgeons in Delhi, expect nothing but the best. 

Why do people choose India for neurosurgery?

India is among the most preferred destinations for medical tourism. Why? Cost incurred in a neurological surgery in India is seven to eight times lower than that of western countries. In developed countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia, patients have to be in a waiting list despite paying thousands of dollars.  

There are some reputed neurosurgeons in India, who are providing services at much lesser cost. In other words, patients are not only saving their hard earned money but are also in the hands of experts.

Why Paras Institute of Neurosciences?

Paras Institute of Neurosciences is one of the leading neurosurgery institutes in India. The neurosurgeons in Delhi have successfully worked on some of the most critical cases related to brain, spine and extra-cranial cardiovascular system.  We have a distinction in dealing with situations like paralysis, psychosis, brain tumors and brain damage. Contact the experts and get the best treatment.

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