Testimonials : Mrs. Pramila Kumari

Survior Story

Having fought bravely with breast cancer, Mrs. Parmila is now back to her students at the Government Modern High School

Patient name
Mrs. Pramila Kumari
Treatment name
Breast Cancer treatment with Chemotherapy
Doctor Name

Dr. R.N. Tagore

Consultant Medical Oncology,

Paras Cancer Centre, Patna

Pramila Kumari

A teacher has a number of responsibilities upon her. Mentoring children is not the easiest of tasks and sometimes teachers can forget to look after their own concerns. Back in May, 2015, 59 year old Parmila Kumari, a teacher at the Government Modern High School, Patna, noticed a big hard lump in her left breast.

Aware of the implications a simple lump has, Mrs. Parmila was immediately taken to Paras HMRI hospital, Patna.

There, under the care of Dr. RN Tagore, after a thorough clinical investigation with the aid of Mammography and a PET scan, she was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with lesion that metastasized to the lungs and neck of the left femur.

To the devastation of her husband it was confirmed to be a stage 4 Carcinoma, a prognosis that left her with barely six months or so.

A lot of family friends advised the husband to fly her to metropolitans for hospitalization, but trusting the medical skill and prowess of Dr. RN Tagore and Paras Patna, laced with ultra-modern electronic instruments, they decided to opt for treatment there itself.

The husband had a very faint hope of his wife’s survival, but was rewarded with amazement as Mrs. Parmila Kumari responded incredibly well to her chemotherapy treatment. There was drastic shrinking of the lump in her breast, and that also helped boost her own morale and confidence. It took two cycles of chemotherapy for the lumps in her breast to completely disappear, as shown in her X-Ray and Mammography images.

Transferred to hormonal treatments and Letrozole for five years, along with a Zoladronic injection once a month for two years, she is now perfectly healthy, and leading a normal life.