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When is the best time to take Lamaze classes?

When is the best time to take Lamaze classes?

by: Dr. Surinder Kaur Gambhir
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Lamaze method was developed by females obstetrician. Lamaze has been used in the United States since the late 50s, one of the most commonly taught child birth classes. In early days the focus was on controlled breathing techniques to cope with labour. But now the Lamaze education has become a necessity for the expecting mothers as it includes child birth, ante natal care, delivery choice and educational modules to prepare the mother for motherhood.

The goal of the Lamaze classes is to increase a woman’s confidence. Women learn a variety of exercises in which breathing is during labour and discomfort is given prime importance. The expecting mothers also learn how to respond to pain in ways that facilitate labour and increase comfort. Lamaze teaches the women that birth is normal, natural and healthy experience.

Aspects included in a Lamaze Class:

Lamaze class covers the following information, related to child birth:

  • Normal labour, birth and early post partum.
  • Communications skills. Information about medical procedure. Positioning for birth and labour. Labour rehearsal.
  • Management of pain without drug intervention gives the parents who seek a natural child birth experience.
  • Lamaze help to build confidence in your body’s ability to give birth.
  • You can discuss your fears about labour and birth with the instructor.
  • Your partner will also learn about child’s birth and how to support you on the day. Attending Lamaze classes makes a bond between both of you.
  • Lamaze provides strategies for comfort and coping with pain during labour.
  • Lamaze reenergises bonding between you and your baby.
  • Your instructor will discuss pain relief options including massage relaxation, breathing and medication.

When to opt for a Lamaze Class:

  • Child birth education is best taken late in the second trimester or easily third trimester. Sometimes between sixth and eighth month, so that the class is completed before you go into labour and information is relatively fresh.
  • The type of Lamaze class may also determine the timing. You may need to start at 28 weeks if you plan to attend weekend seminar only. They start at 32 to 34 weeks, some classes last for 6 weeks meeting 60 to 90 minutes each week. Some offer a crash course that meet for full or half day over a weekend.

Time of the Lamaze class depends on what type of birth you want – epidural or without medication. Lamaze classes also include feeding, diapering bathing and holding a new born. It is recommended that your partner also attends the classes with you so he also gets educated about child birth. Generally the best time to begin your class is at 28-32 weeks of pregnancy. Remember Lamaze classes are an important step towards the path to parenthood.

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