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Facts about A Mother’s Breastfeeding Diet

Facts about A Mother’s Breastfeeding Diet

Breast milk is the God’s gift to a new born baby. For infants to survive, grow and develop properly, they require the right proportion of nutrients. Breast milk is rich in nutrients and anti- bodies and contains the right quantity of fat, sugar, water, and protein. These nutrients are major pre- requisites to the health and survival of the baby. When a child is exclusively breast fed, their immune system is strengthened, enabling it to fight against life- threatening illnesses like pneumonia and diarrhea amongst other infections.

The first milk secretion is important and the most beneficial:

Colostrum is the first secretion from the breast for the initial few days after delivery. It is highly rich in nutrients and is, in fact, all that a new born needs in the first few days of baby birth. It immunizes the body against major infections and viruses. Growth factors in the colostrum stimulate the baby’s intestine for better digestion of milk and proteins and prevent the absorption of undigested protein that can cause allergy. Experts recommend breastfeeding exclusively (no formula, juice, or water) for 6 months. If you supplement with formula, your breasts might make less milk. You can start weaning foods after 6 months but also continue to breast feed if you want to keep producing milk.

Many medical authorities, including the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) and the American college of obstetricians and gynecologists, strongly recommend breastfeeding.

Benefits of breastfeeding:

  • If you want to shed post pregnancy fat faster, than breastfeeding is the best option because it burns extra calories and it releases the oxytocin hormone which helps the uterus return to its pre- pregnancy size.
  • It also decreases the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Breast feeding not just gives the new born baby the health benefits but it also benefits mother health wise.
  • Healthy mother is as important as a healthy kid, so it also becomes pertinent that mother takes proper care of her health.
  • Mothers can benefit from breast feeding too:-
  • Menstruation ceases during the lactation period, offering a form of contraception.
  • Rather than formula feed breast feeding is more economical.
  • During breast feeding the hormones released create a feeling of warmth and calm in mother.
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