0124-4585666 (Gurugram)
09103327357 (Srinagar)
08486418486 (Panchkula)
0612-7107788 (Patna)
0294-6669911 (Udaipur)
07070405405 (Darbhanga)
0651-7107600 (Ranchi)
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Message from our Managing Director

Dr. Dharminder Kumar Nagar, MD
We believe in being the true ‘Partners in Health’- for the community, ensuring that along with guidance, attention and care, expertise is delivered with cutting edge technology and precision.


Dear valued stakeholders,

As we celebrate our 17th year, we recognize the need to transform and evolve as we continue to grow. Our mission to build a healthier Bharat is at the forefront of our efforts, which includes focusing on clinical excellence, adopting IT solutions at every step of the customer journey, and providing superior patient service for compassionate care.

As part of this evolution, we are excited to announce that Paras Healthcare is now Paras Health. Our new name represents our commitment to being a true partner in health to our patients and communities. We are guided by our four brand pillars of Compassion, Accessibility, Affordability, and Quality, which enable us to save lives and provide compassionate care to patients in need.

I am proud to share that our footprint is expanding, and we are now present in eight cities - Gurgaon, Patna, Darbhanga, Ranchi, Panchkula, Udaipur, Srinagar, and Kanpur. Our goal is to bridge the accessibility gap in healthcare services and be a trusted partner in the health journey of every Bhartiya.

I invite you to join us in this endeavour and experience the highest level of healthcare services and compassionate care.

Dr. Dharminder Kumar Nagar, Managing Director, Paras Health