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Bihar Kidney Foundation

Bihar Kidney Foundation is a support group of kidney patients and care givers. The first of its kind support group in Bihar is an initiative of Paras Patna Hospital to raise awareness on the importance of kidneys to overall health. The support group is to support patients suffering from chronic kidney disease, renal stones, dialysis and patients looking forward to a kidney transplant.

 “With increasing life expectancy and prevalence of life style diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and others, the prevalence of Chronic Kidney disease (CKD) is also on the rise. Resultantly, there is an alarming rise in the number of kidney failure patients. When diagnosed with a kidney problem, people not only get shattered but also clueless about the next step to be taken,” shares Dr Shashi Kumar, Consultant Nephrology, Paras Patna – a patron an initiator of the foundation.

The Bihar Kidney Foundation support group is based on the motto: Empowering with Knowledge & Courage. The support group through its associated patients and caregivers aim at developing them as ambassadors to create awareness on prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease.

The meetings of BKF are scheduled once a month (1st Saturday of the month) at the Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna auditorium, where patients share their fears, success stories and apprehensions with everyone else. Patients who have been recently diagnosed with any kidney disease can also attend the session and enquire about the care, clinical protocol, success rates and costs associated with the treatment.

Dr Shashi Kumar, Consultant Nephrology (Kidney Specialist) has started with a supporting number of more than 150 Paras Dialysis patients as ambassadors of  Bihar Kidney Foundation. Paras Centre for Dialysis & Kidney Care is equipped with 15 state of the art dialysis machines and has treatment regimes personalized to suit every patient’s requirements. Dialysis is provided under continuous supervision of experienced doctors, nurses and technicians. Special emphasis is given to infection control protocols & regular monitoring of potential complications.

Schedule: 1st  Saturday of the month

Event: Bihar Kidney Foundation Patient Meet

Location: Paras HMRI Hospital, Auditorium

Time: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

For more details , please contact : 0612-710 7700/ 0612-710 7777

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