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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

10 Aspects to be a Fit & Healthy Woman

It’s a little thing that you do each day that adds up to being healthy & fit. While we do what we can to be health conscious as we can, it is always a work in progress since there are many elements to a healthy life style. Use the following directions as a guide for your journey on the path to good health:

A To do List to Lead a Healthy Life:

  • Have a Balanced Diet:-

Opt for a diet that has the following components:

  • 45% Carbohydate
  • 30% Protein
  • 25% Fat

A proper diet can help control on eliminate hypertension, diabetes & heart disease.

  • Get Enough Sleep:-

A minimum of 8 hours of sleep in necessary for the health body and the brain to work.

  • Exercise Everyday :- 

It is recommended than anyone between the ages of 18 and 64 should involve themselves in at least 2 hrs and 30 minutes of moderately intense aerobic activities /work every week.

  • Don’t Smoke:-

Smoking is responsible for 1 out of every 5 deaths each year in the world. Opting for the cigarette is not just harmful for you , but also to others around you.

10 Ways to Stay Healthy

  • Manage Stress:-

Stress is linked to heart diseases, hypertension, depression and anxiety.

Relaxation & exercise are two great ways to manage stress.

  • Manage your Eating Schedule:-

Its better to have 5 to 6 small meals than 3 heavy meals.

  • Get a Regular Health Check Up:-

Get to your doctor for your annual physical check up, including mammography & gynae check up.

  • Consistency & Moderation:-

In order to maintain a healthy & fit life style, it is important to have some sort of consistency. Avoid extremes in any  capacity. Exercise moderately when it comes to fitness.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated:-

Hydration is a key to healthy body. Minimum daily water requirement body weight is at least 1 litre. So drink up.

  • Last but not the least always stay positive.