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10 Cancer Symptoms that Every Woman Should Be Aware of

10 Cancer Symptoms that Every Woman Should Be Aware of
in Oncology

Apr 19, 2022

Women do ignore their problems. They usually delay going to a doctor and consulting a specialist to discuss their issues. It is very important to know early alarming signs and symptoms of cancer for women. However the most important and crucial aspect is awareness. Every woman should be aware of the abnormal changes that can be strong signs and indications of cancer. Given below are few signs and symptoms that every woman should know:

  • Breast Changes: Any lump in the breast, skin dimpling, nipples turn inwards, redness or scaling of nipples or breast skin could be an alarming sign for cancer of the breast.
  • Bloating of Abdomen: Bloating of abdomen do occurs to many women but if it persist and happens with weight loss could be an alarming sign for cancer of the ovary.
  • Bleeding between the periods: Spotting between periods associated with foul smelling discharges, sometimes post coital bleeding are early symptoms of carcinoma of the cervix.


Women never ignore symptoms of Cancer

  • Skin changes: Any change in an existing mole, shape size and discoloration or any other spots on skin persisting for long usually on skin exposed to sun can be early symptoms of skin cancer.
  • Blood in stool and urine: Usually blood in the stool due to constipation and hemorrhoids, but if painless bleeding persists it can be a symptom of Colon Cancer. Blood in the urine can occur in case of stone and infection but asymptomatic blood in urine can be early symptoms of cancer bladder.
  • Trouble Swallowing: Difficulties in swallowing solid food could be a cause of cancer of the esophagus.
  • Weight loss without trying: Weight loss due to excessive exercise and diet happens. But unexplained weight loss of more than 5-7 kg in a month can be a strong indicator of cancer of the pancreas and the stomach.
  • Heartburn: Eating too much spicy food, alcohol and stress causes heartburn, but if it persists without a precipitating factor, it could be a symptom of carcinoma of the stomach.
  • Mouth Changes: Any oral changes, suspicious white or red patches, non healing ulcer, dental problems repeated painless bleeding from tongue and lips an alarming sign of Oral Cancer.
  • Fever: On and off fever associated with weight loss and lethargy without any underlying infection for more than a month long unexplained fever is a symptom of blood cancer (Leukemia).

If you or your loved one is experiencing the above-mentioned, it is recommended that you consult a general physician or a cancer specialist immediately. People who already have a family history of cancer should be most concerned.