10 Ways to Manage Your Weight

Obesity is a chronic disease that requires long term, treatment. Even a 5-10 per cent loss from initial weight may produce marked improvement in diabetes, dyslipidemia and even sleep apnea. The ease of weight gain and difficulty in losing and maintaining weight all make obesity a challenging illness to treat

10 Ways to Manage Weight


The goals set for weight loss should be realistic.

Please refer to the list below for 10 simple ways by which weight should be managed:

  • Manage your diet: The diet should be adequate in all other nutrients except calories. The diet should consist of all five food groups.
  • Take the right fluids : Water can be consumed in unlimited quantity..Carbonated and sweetened beverages should be avoided. Fruit juice ,coffee and tea can be consumed without sugar. Alcohol should be restricted .Foods giving empty calories should be avoided.
  • Red meat should be avoided: Fatty portion of chicken should be discarded. One should learn enjoy preparation using little fat. Fish can be included in the diet. Please do restricted amount of eggs can be included.
  • Skim milk should be used in the diet: Prebiotics with low fat can be included.Butter cream and ice cream should be avoided. Cheese can be sparingly used.
  • Plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet: Green leafy vegetables should be part of every meal .This will ensure to meet the requirement of antioxidant on a low calorie diet.
  • The diet should be high in fibre: Meals can be started with salad .Diet should include whole grain , sprouted grain .Unprocessed foods and natural foods in raw form. Fruits can be taken as a snacks item (instead of making juice and pulp .Whole fruits can be consumed.
  • The diet should low in fat : No saturated and trans fatty acids to be included in the diet. Fried foods should be should be avoided. Gravy dishes having satturated far should be avoided. Junk foods like pizzas, chips, and french fries should be eaten in restricted amount.
  • Method of cooking should be modified: Opt for boiling,poaching,steaming,pressure cooking and simmering with no additional fat should be the method of cooking. Reduce the intake of foods – Serving size can be reduced ,small size plates and ladles can be used.
  • Foods should be consumed regularly in measured amounts : Meals should not be skipped snacking fried foods between meals should be avoided.
  • Fasting should be avoided: It should be avoided as one tends to eat more food later: Substitute foods during fasting time are generally rich in calories like potatoes, sago and ground nuts.
  • Opt for Home made items: Homemade meals that emphasize more variety and include fruits vegetables,whole grains and dairy products may reduce the chance of android obesity .