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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

10 of the Worst Diseases Smoking Causes

Smoking is the short term pleasure with long term sufferings. Smoking kills but before that it tortures the body and mind in many ways. People who smoke can lose more than 10 years of their life. This habit not just affects the smoker but also adversely affects others around too. Both active and passive smoking is dangerous. Smoking is second most common reason to cause kidney failure. It is also a leading risk factor to cause cancer, heart disease and other related health ailments.

Diseases caused by Smoking

Ailments that are Caused due to Smoking: 

Here are 10 of the worst conditions caused by smoking.

  • Lung Cancer: – Smoking is the number one risk factor for lung cancer. Lung Cancer is the number one cancer in the world. Lung cancer causes blood-coughing, respiratory obstruction and this cancer is very prone to spread to other organ. Lung Cancer is very difficult to treat Cancer. So prevention is the best option that can be done by Quitting smoking.
  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease) :- Smoking gradually destroys the lung tissue. The patient is not able to breathe properly. COPD is the third leading cause of death worldwide. About 80% of COPD is caused by cigarette smoking. Activities of COPD affected patients are limited due to poor oxygen supply to body, resulting from diseased lung.
  • Heart Disease: – Smoking causes blockage and narrowing of blood vessels thereby reducing blood supply to heart itself. This leads to angina and heart attack. Recovery from heart attack is worse in smokers as compared to non smokers.
  • Stroke- Brain Attack: – Smoking causes reduced blood supply to brain. Smoking make blood thicker and more likely to clot, when blood supply is critically low brain is deprived of oxygen and begin to die. This may lead to slurring of speech, paralysis, abnormal brain function and death. Stroke is very important cause of death and disability all over world.
  • Asthma and Tuberculosis: – Smoking makes Asthma worse. In Asthma there is narrowing of air passages leading to difficulty in breathing. Smoking increase chances of getting recurrent tuberculosis.
  • Altered Reproduction: – In woman, smoking causes reduced fertility so chances of pregnancy are reduced. Smoking can cause ectopic pregnancy in which fertilized egg is implanted outside uterus. This situation is dangerous to the life of mother.
  • Poor baby health: – Smoking while pregnant can lead to low birth weight babies. There is increased chance of having cleft palate and lip delivery may be premature. These babies have increased risk of disease and death. Babies may die suddenly. It is known as sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Diabetes: – Smoking increases the risk of diabetes. Smoking also increase the risk of complication of diabetes like increased risk of heart, Kidney and Brain diseases.
  • Eye Diseases: – Increased risk of blindness due to poor blood supply to eyes is there. Cataract also develops prematurely in smokers.
  • Increased risk of Cancer :- There is an increased risk of developing cancer of Lips, Cheeks, gums, food pipe, colon, Stomach, liver, Pancreas, Cervix, Bladder etc, due to chemicals transmitted in different part of the body. Thus diseases caused by smoking harm almost every organ in the body.