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12 tips to keep the bladder healthy

We should the below 12 tips for keeping our bladder healthy:-

1. Drinking adequate fluids, mainly water- Healthy individuals shall take 6-8 glasses of fluid daily. Water is indubitably the best fluid to keep bladder healthy. At least 50% of fluid intake must be water. Some individuals are required to drink lesser water due to certain conditions, like heart disease or a kidney failure. We shall consult our doctor as to how much fluid shall we be taking.

2. Restrict alcohol & caffeine- We shall quit alcohol and limit the caffeinated drinks & food like tea, coffee, many sodas and chocolate.

3. Quit smoking- You should try to smoke and if you do quit it as soon as possible.

4. Avoid constipation- We shall eat plenty of food rich in fiber such as vegetables, whole grains & fruits & drink plenty of water to prevent constipation

5. Sustaining healthy body weight- We should have a healthy diet & stay physically active to sustain healthy body weight

6. Regular exercise- Physical activities can help to prevent bladder disorders, constipation and help in sustaining healthy body weight.

7. Pelvic floor muscle exercises- Pelvic floor exercises which are also called Kegelexercises, assist in holding urine in bladder. Everyday exercises can fortify the muscles, thus helping to avoid leakage of urine while sneezing, lift, cough, laugh or even a quick urge to urinate.

8. Using the washroom often & when needed- We shall to urinate every 3-4 hours. Holding the urine in bladder for very long weakens our bladder muscles & increases the chances of bladder infection

9. Take adequate time & vacate the bladder fully while urinating- Rushing while urinating does not allow us to fully empty our bladder. Urine staying long in bladder increases chances of infection.

10. Clean from front to back after using toilet- Ladies should clean or wash from front to back to prevent bacteria from entering into urethra. This is highly important after bowel movement.

11. Wearing cotton underwear & loose-fitting clothes- Wearing cotton & loose clothing allows air to keep the part near urethra dry. Nylon underwear & tight fitting jeans trap moisture & help the bacteria to grow.