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4 most important nutrients needed by Women

As a woman ages her life becomes more demanding. So does her body! Just like a plant, it needs constant attention as it goes through multiple stages and cycles. At every level nutrition plays an essential role. A woman’s diet plan should be wholesome and should include all food groups. The following are the most essential nutrients required by a woman. Being a woman, you should definitely keep a check on the same.

important nutrients for Women

Iron-Ensure that you get enough iron! Women lose a lot of it during menstruation. Moreover iron requirement tremendously increases during pregnancy .Major sources of iron include- lean meat, lentils, green leafy vegetables, nuts, fortified cereals. To ensure maximum absorption of iron in diet you should supplement the same with vitamin C rich sources like amla, orange, tomatoes. You should also avoid intake of tannins through tea along with the meals.

Calcium-Women are at a greater risk of developing bone related issues like Osteoporosis. From childhood to old age women should always supplement their diet with calcium rich food sources. A glass of milk a day would suffice! However addition of dairy products like paneer, beans, broccoli, sesame, lotus stem, oatmeal and tofu can help a great deal.

Vitamin D– Although women in India like to shy away from sunlight , it is the most essential and best source for Vitamin D. Direct sun exposure for half an hour daily such as fish, eggs and fortified milk also help.

Omega -3 Fatty Acid-Anti inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients are essential during pregnancy .Omega -3 promote neurological and visual development of the baby. It is also vital for strengthening heart muscles and ensuring good bone joint health.

It is important that women understand that it’s time to do something for them. After all only when you take care of yourself, you truly can take care of others.