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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

4 Tips for Women to be Healthy

Living a health life does not mean hours of training in the gym and eating only salads .Do not make your life cumbersome. Instead, try to make your lifestyle healthier by making small healthy everyday changes such as taking the stairs instead of the lifts, increasing your fruits by one, drinking one extra glass of water.

Healthy Tips for Women

So let’s start the fundamental basics of healthy living regular exercise, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices.

Regular Exercise:- If you are too busy to do any routine set of exercise, do not be upset. You can be burn your calories in some other ways such as.

  • Taking the stairs instead of lift.
  • Parking the car furthest from the building and walk in.
  • Walking to someone others desk rather than sending an e-mail.
  • Doing house cleaning or gardening.Taking the pets for walk or cycling with kids instead of watching TV.All these daily activities can help you reduce your weight and in early improve pressure, blood sugar and overall feeling of well-being.

Eat Healthy-When it comes to health, there are a number of overwhelming theories, diet books and online information about the same. What to eat is a thought which is often conflicting .A diet should be rich in vitamins in an appropriate amount and should complement the daily consumption of calories. The food should be easily digestible and palatable .It is said that the plate should look colorful i.e, pick up vegetables 7 fruits that are yellow, green, red and orange .It means that these coloured food items like carrot,orange,green leafy vegetables,green and yellow pepper bell will give you adequate minerals and vitamins.Whole grain cereals  like wheat,rice,oats,and grams will give you enough protein and carbohydrates. Always try to eat cooked food instead of package or ready meals. The latter are high in salt and fat but low in nutrients.

Choose life and not Tobacco-There is nothing more damaging to a long, healthy life than smoking. The dangers of smoking tobacco are significant and it is today the most important public health problem in the world, and at the same time is largely avoidable. Smoking not only cuts your life span, but affects your lungs and hearts  in the form of cancer and heart disease .It also ages you significantly ,stains teeth  and causes skin damage by breaking down youth enhancing collagen and thus makes the skin gray.

Avoid Alcohol:Alcohol can affect your health as well as prove to be a social menace. It affects almost all the organs of the body and is very harmful to pregnant ladies as it can causes congenital deformities in the babies.

Hence choosing a healthy diet, opting for regular exercise and avoiding smoking alcohol and incorporating healthy lifestyle can improve your health and give you confidence.