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5 Breast Cancer Prevention Points for Women

Breast cancer is a preventable cancer. Research and studies highlight that there are many modifiable and non-modifiable causes of Breast Cancer. This cancer is the most common type affecting urban women and is fast approaching the rural population. If you lead a stressful life or have any family history of breast cancer, it is important that you embrace and implement preventive points for breast cancer:

Opt for diet that fights Cancer –

Diet and Exercise have been highlighted as two of the most important aspects that can prevent cancer. Healthy diet habits reduce risk of cancer breast in women. Inclusion of food of plant origin includes broccoli, berries and garlic containing phytochemicals seems to protect cell from harmful effects. Antioxidants- vitamin C, found in citrus fruits, orange juice, leafy greens, beans and fortified breakfast cereals boosts the body immunity and prevent breast cancer.

Exercise to keep the cancer cells at bay –

Regular exercise, 30-minute brisk walks helps to keep your weight in check. It can also lower estrogen levels and boost the immune system, helping to prevent any abnormal cells from growing and spreading. Studies have highlighted that women doing brisk walking and minimal exercise alters estrogen metabolism and reduces risk of cancer by 18% compared to women leading a sedentary life style.

5 Breast Cancer Prevention Points for Women

Always opt for Self Breast Examination –

Most important is to know about your own breasts. Women with dense breasts have an increased risk of developing breast cancer by 6 times. Self breast examination is the main tool to pickup early changes. It is also the best way to detect any abnormality in the breast like any discharge from nipples and crusting or redness of nipples.

Design your food plate with consideration –

Eating less of animal products and choosing organic food items decreases the breast cancer risk. Even one alcoholic drink per day could raise your breast cancer risk.

Keep a check on your drinking and smoking

Drinking regularly and  having two or three glasses of wine or cocktails at once can increase your risk of breast cancer immediately to 20%.Habits of Alcohol and smoking are associated with cancer breast.

Chose your cosmetics wisely-

Women are using cosmetics containing Parabens is carcinogen, widely used as preservative in deodorant, lipsticks, toothpaste and shampoo. Glycol is one of the most widely used in ingredients in cosmetics and also found in paints, and dyes are proven in risk of cancer of breast. Women should avoid such products.

Don’t shy away from the sun –

Most of women avoid sunlight. It is the richest source of Vitamin D-  promotes bone growth and bone healing. It is also an alternative to estrogen-lowering drugs to reduce breast cancer risk.

Hormone Replacement increases your breast cancer risk-

Women on Hormone replacement therapy have an increased risk of developing breast cancer by 30%. Hence limited use of   HRT is recommended. Minimizing radiation exposure from screening in women treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, tuberculosis repeated X-Rays should be avoided.

Stress is your biggest enemy –

Women managing home and offices suffering from both stress and lack of sleep are most common culprit causeing many diseases and health issues. In fact stress causes lack of sleep, obesity, blood sugar and increases estrogen production. It is also the leading factor causing breast cancer.