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5 Ways to Keep your Skin Healthy All Seasons

5 Ways to Keep your Skin Healthy All Seasons
in Dermatology

Apr 19, 2022

Taking care of your skin should be your number one beauty goal because it is your most visible and vulnerable part.

There are many simple tips to help you to take care of your skin.

Know Your Skin Type:-

You should take care to find out your skin type-eg.Dry,oily ,before you try any skin care products or regimen.This is very important as one  product does not suit every skin type. You should stick products that are made specifically for your skin type.

Stay Hydrated:

The next thing to keep in mind is to keep hydrated. Drink as much water as you can.This not only helps your over all health but is very important for your skin too.


Maintaining  a cleansing regimen for your  skin is also important,take care to cleanse your skin at least 1-2 times a day.This is essential to keep your skin free of diet an other impurities that we accumulate over our daily routine.The best is to use lukewarm water as too cold as hot water can damage your skin.


Tips for Healthy Skin

Be Gentle:-

This is an overlooked tip: your skin is very fragile so it makes sense to be gentle with  it never scrub or exfoliate  too often harshly .

This can lead to skin problem.

Do not overuse any skin care products.

Keep Skin Moist:-

This is particularly important skin care tip.Never let your skin get dry,take care to keep it moist through out the the day.Skin dryness can break your outer skin leading to rough & uneven appearance.Make the use of moisturizer and emollients. An essential part of your daily skin care  routine.The best time to apply moisturizer is immediately after a wash while the face is still moist.

Avoid Soap:-

Another very important tip you not have heard of is never to use soap on your face it is meant only to be used below neck.

Use Sunscreen:-

Another must do skin care routine is the the use of a sunscreen.This is very important to protect your self from the sun UV radiation.Which  can really age your skin and also cause skin cancer.The best is to use moisturizer with built in sunscreen.

Sleep well:-

The importance of good sleep can never be down played weather it is for your over all health or skin.Lack of sleep can cause under eye wrinkles.

Stay Calm:-

The harm of stressful life are well known but often ignored.Stress is bad not just to your over all health but also to your skin. Learn to relax and take things easy your skin will love you for it.

There you have some simple ways to a more  beautiful skin,keep them in mind and your skin will stay healthy.

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