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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

5-ways to live with cancer happily

Cancer is such a terrible situation in which the only patient and his family faces a lot of problems like mental, physical, social, spiritual and financial and hence a new life starts for all cancer survivors after winning the great battle with ‘CANCER’.

There are multiple aspects yet to be considered before the survivors could get back to their ‘normal and routine’ life and hence post successful treatment, survivors have to focus on following 5-way to live with cancer happily….

  • Strengthen the physical capability to get to a normal life.
  • Exercise therapy to improve mobility.
  • Application of technique for pain management.
  • Counseling for balanced nutrition.
  • Psychosocial support in reduction of personal and social anxiety.

Generally, rehabilitative care is most essential part to point out the physical capacities to get back to a regular everyday living. Rehabilitation varies according to the type of cancer and the modalities of treatment which includes: anxiety reduction, physical and exercise therapy to improve mobility, pain management techniques and nutritional counseling.

live with cancer happily

Physical needs of survivors are extremely tedious to be taken care of at home but it is better to work with a rehabilitative care facility, in order to build a rehabilitation plan before moving the survivor back home.

In the course of fighting the dreaded disease, most of the patients are exhausted physically and emotionally. This fatigue affects survivors both physically and mentally. It is also the most common and the most frequently neglected side-effect during course of cancer management and is due to physical and mental response to the stresses that cancer brings. It also happens with certain medications used in chemotherapy, ongoing medication and changes in immune system or hormone levels.  It not only hampers physical inactivity but also disrupts sleep and this can make them feel drained and lacking in energy. The survivors need to learn to prioritise their tasks and to plan ahead.

It has been seen that about 25-40 percent of cancer survivors have some sort of low mood — or even depression which is one of the most common side-effects. There are many reasons why your mood might plummet after treatment, but the basic summary is simple: you have been through a very tough experience, physically and emotionally, and it takes time to recover. You are not mentally ill, you are not ungrateful and you do not automatically require professional help but sometimes you may find this useful. You are just feeling sad. Your own experiences about life after cancer also play a part in or help the people who are going through cancer treatment by making them mentally strong.

Sometimes, being part of a cancer survivors’ support group, helps connect with other survivors and discuss & exchange their personal emotional journeys.