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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

5 Ways Women can Battle Aging Issues

The amount of toxins in air, unhealthy dietary habits, more use of packaged food, lack of sound sleep, ample of stress at home, tremendous stress at work place might be making you look older than what you really are. Your body may be giving away your age, or it may even make you look older than what you really are. Here I would like to discuss the best ways to tackle these problems, with at-home fixes or with the latest medical remedies available.

How To Take Care of Hair– Medications before marriage of after marriage, pregnancy /delivery , and stress all can cause temporary hair loss in you, but hormonal changes that are happening  around menopause may lead to permanent thinning of hair .If  you begin from the scalp, gently pull a small hank of hair all the way to the tips of the hair. If you notice 6 or more hair come out, you have a thinning problem. Certain minerals, fat insoluble vitamins, micro/ macro nutrients and iron therapy as prescribed by your doctor .Oiling, balanced diet, yoga and meditation really helps.

How To Take Care of Hands and Feet – With passing age there is a loss of collagen which can lead to less volume, making your veins prominent. You can apply a sunscreen daily on the back of your hands to prevent further sun damage. Plenty of water intake can keep your hands well-hydrated. Long standing hours of ill fitted shoes for years can cause painful bunions, cracked heels  and calluses on toes. You should always moisturize cracked heels at bedtime every day. Try to buy a comfortable shoe brand which builds Air cushioning into dress shoes and boots.

How To Take Care of Fine Lines or Wrinkles – With passing age there is a loss of collagen and elasticity reducing the skin volume, causing fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Repeated muscle actions like squinting at the computer screen, laughing, sipping drinks and shakes through a straw develops lines near the mouth. Prevention is the best treatment. I suggest adding these basics to your skin-care routine: antioxidants (which will help fight free radicals), sunscreen (protects skin), and retinoids. Botox and fillers can also be helpful for cosmetic effects.

Anti Aging Solutions

Fading Smile: Tooth enamel looses shine over time, exposing yellow beneath and making your smile gummy and more prone to stains. Brush-on whitening gels helps a lot.

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • You can use sesame oil for body.
  • Consider fish oil, omega fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.
  • Opt for green tea in place of coffee, with almonds and walnuts.
  • You should avoid using foundation every day, because when it settles into wrinkles and makes them more noticeable. You can use concealer just where you need it (under-eye area) and follow it with an all over application of tinted moisturizer.
  • Consume more of raw or boiled veggies like bell pepper, broccoli, lentils and beans.
  • Massage can really help you a lot. Moving blocked energy will make you feel younger from the inside out. You will really love reflexology and deep-tissue massage.
  • You can achieve a lot of benefits by taking 30 minutes each day to stretch, meditation, and yoga and calm yourself, breathing exercises in and out.
  • Vitamin C cream / peel of orange or cucumber pieces can really act as wonderful antioxidant that helps my skin repair itself from sun damage. This has natural sunscreen properties in it, so if we combine it with daily SPF it has a synergistic effect.
  • Eat well, sleep well, distress, yoga meditation, and drink plenty of water.