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7 Ways How Antenatal Classes Help Women

7 Ways How Antenatal Classes Help Women
in Gynecology & Obstetrics

Apr 19, 2022

Ante Natal Classes are a great way to understand pregnancy, the complications and changes associated with the same. It provides a platform for the expecting mothers to share their apprehensions and interact with the specialists on issues related to labour, pain management, choice of delivery and exercises. Below mentioned are few of the key aspects that ante natal classes or pregnancy classes address.

Ante Natal Classes and Pregnancy

  • Best platform to learn about pregnancy : They are a great way to learn about pregnancy, labour, birth and caring for a newborn baby and you have access to trained professionals to ask any questions you might have and share any concerns. Apprehensions and anxieties can be dealt with trained professionals.
  • Provide the right support system : Antenatal classes are designed to be fun and light-hearted and they can be a good source of great support and confidence, especially for first time parents, who may be feeling very daunted by the prospect of having a baby in the near future.


  • Opportunity to interact with other expecting mothers: One of the most beneficial aspects of going to antenatal classes is the opportunity to meet and chat with women and partners in a similar situation to you; classes are designed to cater for groups of women who are at a similar stage of their pregnancy and many people make great friends at antenatal classes and keep in touch once their babies are born.
  • Helps women bond: Friends made at antenatal classes can often be a support because some women feel isolated when they have a newborn baby, especially if their friends don’t have children; many women stay in touch and their children grow to be good friends; this can also help with babysitting and childcare arrangements further down the line.
  • Right support to fathers: Would be fathers can be taught about nutritional intake of would be mothers.
  • Helps in post partum depression: Pregnancy can be scary and it can be very comforting to be able to talk to other women in a similar situation; learning about postnatal care can also help you in healthy mental makeup, put your mind at ease. Emotional make up in post natal days.
  • Best to keep yourself fit and healthy: Breathing exercises helps in improving blood circulation in body and you will feel of well being.
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