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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

A Stitch in time saves nine - (Saving youngster from Drug Addiction)

Drug addiction is emerging as a major problem of epidemic proportions. It is estimated that in Punjab alone there are about 7 lakh patients affected by it. Once a patient goes it to severe addiction (Known as dependence), then the treatment and prognosis become increasingly difficult and complex. This is the time when an expert must be consulted as nothing is unachievable.

It is therefore important that we work on preventative aspects so that such a grave situation does not arise. It is imperative to note that our younger generation, particularly adolescents are vulnerable to addiction due to peer pressure and hence we should target this generation the most. Certain important points which the parents and school teachers should keep in mind are summarized below.

  • Discuss the issue openly

Many times, parents don’t discuss these issues owing to social stigma. Always remember that discussion helps you to understand your child’s level of exposure to addiction and it is very important to have the child to speak up his mind to you. Even school teachers should address these issues.

  • Keep a watch on the company your child keeps

To know what kind of company your child has, often invite their friends home and be interactive.

  • Give very limited pocket money

Don’t shower money on your child as proof of your love. It is important that the learn the value of money.

  • Keep in regular contact with school authorities/teacher

To knows the behavior and attendance record of your child in school, it is imperative to be in regular contact with the school authorities and class teacher.

  • Keep a check on your child’s social media behavior and posts, as many early hints are dropped there.
  • If in doubt, never hesitate to consult a psychiatrist.

If you have any doubt or observe that the child has become withdrawn, irritable, aggressive or demanding more money, then don’t hesitate to consult a psychiatrist as there are very simple tests to confirm addiction.

Remember early intervention can save a life. It is your child’s life and if you want to curb addiction, you need to be vigilant.