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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Aches and Pain during Wet and Cold weather

Arthritis has an effect on individuals throughout the year, but winter & wet weather often make it harder in managing the symptoms. Cold & damp weather has an effect on people with arthritis because climate creates more pain for joints.

Many arthritis patients have claimed that they can predict rainy season because of the level of pain of their joints. As per a recent study, 67.9% of people who were surveyed responded that they were certain that weather changes affect their joint pain. In fact, most of them said they could feel a transformation of their pain prior to rainy or winter seasons.

Aches and Pain in Wet and Cold weather

The reasons for joint pain:

Cold, rain or snow is not the reason for pain but actually, it is the change in the barometric pressure. Atmospheric or barometric pressure is a force exerted on a surface by the weight of atmosphere at any given point. As storm system grows, the barometric pressure starts to drop.

High barometric pressure pushing against our body externally prevents tissues from expanding. With falls of barometric pressure, tissues in the body can expand. When the tissues expand, they give more pressure on the nerves which control the signals or pain.

It does not take much contraction or expansion of tissues for affecting the pan trigger, hence, people living in drier climates have also complained that they felt more pain when the weather changes.

Prevention of pains and aches:

People shall adopt warm dressing during winters, especially the head, hands and the feet because most of the body temperature is lost from the extreme points of the body. Hence people hall be using, gloves, thick socks, mufflers, thick scarfs, woolen clothes, cover their necks.

Damp and cold weather also results in the changes of exercise plans of people. We exercise less during winter and this also results in joints getting stiff. We shall maintain our physical activities during cold weather too. Exercise eases off pain from arthritis. It raises flexibility and strength and lowers pain in joints and also helps to combat fatigue.