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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Alternative therapies & care for Alzheimer’s patient

There are many alternative treatments which the promote brain health & an improved brain function. But, there aren’t any studies which show them to be effective to curb the progress of Alzheimer’s currently. Some of them which are currently under study are:-

  • Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish
  • Ginkgo
  • Curcumin
  • Vitamin E

It is important to retain that even the alternative or natural therapies may interact with medicines. It is a must to consult doctors before taking any alternative therapy.

Care for an Alzheimer’s Patient

Caring for an individual having Alzheimer’s Disease could be a challenge, emotionally, physically & financially. It often comprises of a major transformation in relationships. It could be tough to care for somebody who may be paranoid, irritable and at times may not even believe that they require care. Many caregivers come across frustration, guilt & grief regarding loss of relationship. This may also result in isolation. It is important to find support from other family members, friends or support groups.

Learning more about the disease and learning the right approach to give care definitely helps a lot. Caregiver burnout is also very common in individuals caring for somebody with Alzheimer’s disease. This may take place when we realize that continuously supporting an Alzheimer’s patient overshadows addressing our own needs, either emotionally, physically or even both.

We shall not be afraid to ask for help. Many of us do not know enough regarding caregiving. It is up to us to reach out and seek information and support. We shall reach out to family or friends who may be able to give us a break from time to time even if it could be for half an hour to take some time for ourselves. This could help.

To help us bear with the care giving responsibilities & to manage our stress, it is very important that we don’t forget to take care of ourselves. Some of the ways to do that could be:

  • Maintaining a routine of regular exercise
  • Joining some support group
  • Taking care of physical health
  • Taking care of our emotional & spiritual needs
  • Asking for help