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Are artificial sweeteners Harmful?

Artificial sweeteners are being increasingly used as they are very popular with diabetics. These sweeteners do not increase the sugar levels of diabetics and at the same time add sweetness to the food. They are very low in calories also. Hence they can be regarded as a safe option for diabetics or people aiming at weight loss.

Artificial sweeteners are safe:

Their chemical structure is not of a carbohydrate and that is the reason they do not increase the sugar levels. Moreover as they are very low in calories the weight consciousness segments of the society are avid users of these substances. One is only to visit the mithai wala shops and supermarkets to see the vast variety of diabetic puddings and mithais these sweeteners have made possible. Today an entire range of safe and sugar free products are available in the market. Diet coke and pepsi are also sweetened with these substances

Artificial sweeteners

Types of artificial sweeteners:

Under the category of artificial sweeteners we have aspartame (nutrusweet),acesulfame, sucralose( splendar)and saccharine. Besides   these artificial sweeteners, there are other group of chemicals also like sugar alcohol, novel sweeteners and natural sweetener.

Artificial sweeteners battle common beliefs:

Like so many things a daily maximum dose of these substances is recommended for safe health. In  1970 a doubt was raised about saccharine causing bladder  cancer and carried a warning that it may harm health ,however subsequently this warning was removed as it was not found to cause cancer.. These artificial sweeteners are considered safe even in pregnancy.

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