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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Are there any non-surgical treatments to treat Brain tumors?

High doses of radiation are related to the tumor to stop or slow its growth. Radiation can be used as a single mode of treatment or can be used in association with other treatment modalities such as surgery or chemotherapy Linear Accelerator (LINAC) to treat tumors. In radiation therapy, high dose beams are focused on the tumor to shrink, control or kill the cancer cells.

Other Non – Surgical Modalities for Cancer Treatment:

  • Chemotherapy:-Chemotherapy treatment may be used to treat the tumor, and it is known for treating malignant or higher-grade tumors. Chemotherapy drugs are used in an attempt to prevent tumor cells from reproducing to kill the tumor cells.
  • Radiation:-Radiation is the most common cancer treatment for brain tumors. High doses of radiation are administered to the tumor to stop or slow its growth. Radiation can be used alone or in addition to surgery or chemotherapy.


  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery:-Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) is similar to radiation however radiation cannot tell the difference between tumor cells and healthy cells. Because doctors can deliver a more focused delivery of treatment to the brain tumor than conventional radiation treatment, this highly focused form of radiation is called radiosurgery


  • Linear Accelerator: – Uses high energy X-rays to treat tumors. Cobalt-60 Therapy, unlike LINAC therapy, patients are put in under local anesthesia for treatment delivery.


Clinical Trials:-They are used to develop new brain tumor treatments and help to get new drugs and medical devices to market. Clinical trials may offer additional treatment options that are not otherwise available. Participation in clinical trials is voluntary, and primary ways for researchers and manufacturers to show their products are safe and effective