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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Being aware about mental health is important – let’s accept it

According to the world health organization Health is a state of combined physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely absence of disease or infirmity. Normal mental health, much like as normal health is a rather difficult concept to elaborate. There are most of the models are available for perception which may constitute normality. Although normality is not an easy concept to elaborate, few of the following traits are more commonly found in normal individuals.

  • Reality oriented
  • Self awareness and self knowledge
  • Self esteem and self acceptance
  • Ability to regular exercise voluntary control over their nature
  • Ability to create affectionate relationship
  • Pursuance of productive and goal directed activities

Few  Models of Normality in Mental Health:

  1. 1. Normality as Health: Normal mental health is conceptualized as the absence of any psychiatric disorder problem (Any kind of mental illness) or psycho pathology.
  2. Normality as an Average: Statistically normal mental health less within two standard deviations maximum person follow the social norms of the normal distribution curve for the population.
  3. Normality as Utopia: In this model, highlighted in defining normality is on ‘optimal functioning’ responsibility for personal and social work .
  4. Subjective Model: As per model, normality is showed as an absence of distress, disability, or any help-seeking behavior resulting thereof. This definition is same in several ways to the normality as health.
  5. Social Model: A normal person, and according to the elaborate , is expected to behave in a socially ‘acceptable’ behavior.
  6. Normality as a Process: It views normality as a dynamic and changing process Flexibility in adjustment rather than as a static concept. This model can be workwith any other model mentioned here.
  7. Normality as a Continuum: As per model, it is the severity that determines whether a particular person’s experience constitutes a symptom of a disorder or falls on the healthy side of the continuum.