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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Benefits of Blood Donation

Why blood donation is needed?

 Blood donation is a noble act, that we have heard since our childhood.

Let us understand why it is said so.

Blood is a living tissue made up of plasma, the fluid part and cellular components, made up mainly of red blood cell, white blood cell and platelets.

Each components has different important functions like RBC carries oxygen and gives us energy, white blood cells fight infection and platelets prevent bleeding and helps in forming clots.

As a hematologist/hemato-oncologist we see daily patients with anemia, low platelets and they require regular blood transfusion.

Diseases like blood cancer,aplastic anemia and others need blood transfusion during definitive treatment to save life and there are many patients with  thalassemia major who are dependent on blood transfusion throughout their life if they are not candidate for BMT due to lack of donor or resources.

India has huge load of patients who need blood component.Every year 10000 children with thalassemia major are born in our country.

So, blood donation is need and there is a huge gap between requirement of blood and availability of blood in blood bank which leads to problem during treatment of patient and encourages professional donors which is unethical AND WHICH SHOULD ALWAYS BE DISCOURAGED.

In this COVID pandemic treating patients who require blood components is a real challenge due to lockdown, so its important for everyone to become more proactive and donate blood who can donate.

We should understand well criteria for blood donors and advantages of blood donation so that patients or needy can benefit and save their lives.

Who can donate blood?

  1. 18 to 60 years old healthy male or female can donate blood
  2. Should not have active infection or past history of transmissible infection (hepatitis B, C, HIV, Malaria etc)
  3. Should follow blood bank protocol, where u are donating


  1. Prevent cardiac disease
  2. Prevent cancer
  3. Free health check up
  4. Helps in weight control (Burn calories)
  5. Gives a sense of pride (psychological benefit)
  6. Reduces iron store in iron overloaded donor

Myths about blood donation

  1. Blood donation leads to weakness
  2. Truth-it improves energy level as young blood cells are formed following donation
  3. Thin people should not donate blood. Truth-all healthy people who are thin or fat should donate blood


Donate blood and be hero

Your blood donation will save many needy patients and help us in fighting in this covid pandemic/lockdown

Stay positive stay safe

Use face mask, follow social distancing,avoid contact with people who have symptoms of covid, stay away from fake news or feedback about corona in social media  and take help of health care if u have symptoms.