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When To Get A Breast Cancer Screening Tests According To Breast Density

As some of the common breast cancer causes increase in our cities due to heightened levels of stress and a reduction of exercise levels because of lockdown restrictions, it might be best to consider a breast cancer screening tests. Since most breast cancer causes are from factors such as genetics, gender, age, and the particular density of one’s breast tissues, it is important to try and regularly schedule a diagnostic test of breast cancer to catch it as soon as possible. However, a breast cancer screening tests may not be this easy for most women, especially those with dense breast tissue.

Breast Cancer Screening Tests and Treatment

Breast cancer can symptoms be tricky to identify, especially for women with dense breast tissue. To know when to get a breast cancer screening tests and treatment.

What is Dense Breast Tissue?

Dense breast tissue is the supporting tissue that can obscure lumps during your breast cancer screening tests While the rest of the breast is made up of milk glands, ducts, and fatty tissue, all of which allow lumps to be felt, even the best oncologist for breast cancer cannot feel lumps through dense breast tissue. Additionally, women with dense breast tissue are also more prone to developing breast cancer, making frequent visits to get a diagnostic test of breast cancer and breast cancer screening tests a necessity.

Are There Diagnostic Options for Women with Dense Breast Tissue?

If you have dense breasts, there is no need to panic as the most common diagnostic and breast cancer screening tests, the 3D mammogram, is the best way to identify dense breast tissue to then scan for lumps. During a breast cancer screening tests, your oncologist will be able to see the density of breast tissue to understand the exact composition of your breast. It may vary from almost entirely fatty to extremely dense, making it an important step in your breast cancer treatment.

What Should You Do?

Due to the fact that breast cancer density can only be seen through a breast cancer screening tests such as Breast MRI, mammogram, or MBI, it is best to consult your oncologist to understand which method will work for you. If these breast cancer screening tests prove that you have dense breast tissue, you might need to opt for an extra step of screenings including Ultrasounds and MRIs. Ultimately, one of the breast cancer causes is dense breast tissue, something that lies completely out of your hands. Thus, the safest choice is to consult the best oncologist for breast cancer and find out heather or not you need to begin breast cancer treatment.

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