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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Breastfeeding and working Mothers-How to Manage

The resumption of work does not have to mean the end of breastfeeding. The existence of a measure of action and a code of good practices in the company will favor the maintenance of the same allowing that breastfeeding and work are compatible.

To be able to work without stopping breastfeeding, the mother needs information, confidence in herself and her rights, as well as important factors such as family, social and work support.

The benefits of breastfeeding are appreciated both individually and collectively, promoting better health, saving time and money at all levels.

Breastfeeding techniques and knowledge are available in the community, and support groups exist where experienced mothers can help other mothers to solve problems or difficulties and breastfeed successfully, in addition to the assistance provided by health professionals.

Breastfeeding your baby can take different forms depending on whether you want to breastfeed or give your baby a bottle. It is even possible to alternate the two methods and use what is called mixed breastfeeding. Give breast in the morning and evening while preparing baby bottles for the rest of the day. In this case, breast milk is used as “delayed.”

It is sometimes difficult to combine professional life and breastfeeding. Many women choose to stop breastfeeding when they return to work, but this is not necessarily necessary, contrary to popular belief. For those who continue to breastfeed, there are several options:

Either mom decides to suspend breastfeeding during the day (and keep the breast in the morning, evening and night) and to give bottles of infant milk. It is the most practical but the most frustrating solution. Sometimes this causes a disinterest in the child who prefers the bottle, because of a more natural flow of milk. In this case, it is essential to select teats with low tide. The advantage for the mother is that she will have fewer constraints during the day.

Or mom at work gets to store enough milk to make bottles of breastmilk that their baby will drink the next day. This implies having free time on working time (drawing fluid can take time, especially if it has to be done various times a day), a possibility of isolating oneself and storing milk in a fridge.