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Can Nausea be a symptom of Breast Cancer?

Talking upon the basics of breast cancer symptoms there are some symptoms that remain silent at the start, so getting a lump in the breast is the first symptom of breast cancer but all lumps are not cancerous, so examine a breast lump can be done by self-examination or through a doctor.

Changes in breast skin may be a symptom of breast cancer which includes irritation, redness, dimpling etc, nipple discharges abnormally and inversions in nipple denote breast cancer chances. Other symptoms include underarms lumps.

breast cancer symptoms

Breast cancer when spreads to other parts of a body are called Metastatic breast cancers, which means at this time breast cancer becomes non-treatable it affects brain, bones, lungs, and liver. Bone metastases include bone pain and brittle bones whereas signs of brain involvement include changes in vision, nausea, headaches, and seizures.

Involvement of lung metastases also includes nausea and fever.Nausea is a sick feeling in stomach and patient has a feeling of vomiting. Mild nausea can cause loss of appetite whereas Moderate to severe nausea usually causes vomiting. It can also be a side effect of the breast cancer treatment. So metastatic breast cancer involves other body parts including brain, bones, lungs, and liver which indirectly have nausea due to other conditions. So nausea can be a major symptom of stage 3 or 4 breast cancer.

Ways to Manage Nausea:

  • Eat small portions/amount of food all day long.
  • Eat dry foods like crackers, toast, and cereal.
  • Stay away from greasy foods that might upset the stomach.
  • Try ginger-based foods to help ease nausea.
  • Sit up after eating–Walk for like 10-15 minutes as lying down after meals may disrupt digestion.
  • Rinse your mouth before and after meals to get rid of any bad tastes that may make you nauseated.
  • Consult a doctor about anti-nausea medications that can be taken before or along with your breast cancer treatment.