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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Cause of Drug abuse among Youths

The Pattern of drug abuse among youth depends on a number of factors ranging from the environment to genetic vulnerability. Younger people especially adolescents are vulnerable to peer presence. This is significant because during their age they are undergoing a number of hormonal and developmental changes, moreover, their personalities are changing. These changes can make them stressed out and confused, often forcing them to resort to substance abuse. It is important that they seek guidance and support during this time. However, the aspect that is most important is that someone notices the signs and symptoms and counsels them about what is right and what is wrong.

Predisposing factors that can lead to drug abuse:

Availability and easy access are one of the most important factors why young people start using drugs. Now a day, schools have become hunting grounds for drug vendors so as to catch the victims young. Due to pleasure seeking and experimental techniques, young boys and girls try to experience these drugs. Some do it just to prove to friends that they are brave enough to do it. Others find it relaxing and feel they can forget the stress of academics or interpersonal uses and start using them in a regular basis.

Predisposing factors for drug abuse among youth:

  • Developmental changes.
  • Peer Pressure.
  • Availability and access to drugs.
  • Mass media representation of drug use as freedom.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Psychiatric problems like Anxiety disorders, Mood disorders, Personality disorders etc.

Drug Addiction can affect your brain activity:

Drug addiction has been termed as a disease because their drugs cause permanent changes in the dopamine reward pathway of the brain leading to compulsive use even after the initial pleasurable effect of the drug has warm off. Therefore the repetitive use of the drug leads to craving and withdrawal symptoms which lead to continuation and maintenance of drug abuse.

Biological and Genetic factors also play a significant role. Children of parents who are addicted to alcohol or drug use tend to be more vulnerable to substance use and may show dependence syndromes.

Finally, anxious or emotional temperament, those who take a lot of stress or get depressed easily, impulsive and aggressive individuals, use drugs as coping mechanisms and thus are unable to give up addictive substances.