Causes and risk factors of Parkinson’s disease

The causes of Parkinson’s disease are not known however, many reasons seem to play a role:

Our genes– Researchers identified the specific genetic mutations which can result in Parkinson’s disease. However, they are rarest for the uncommon cases with several members of a family being affected by Parkinson’s.

But variation in certain genes seems to raise the risk of Parkinson’s however, with a comparatively small risk of Parkinson’s for every genetic marker.

Environmental factors– Exposure to some toxins or the environmental factors could raise our risk of a later Parkinson’s; however, the risk is comparatively small.

Researchers have noted that several transformations take place within the brains of individuals having Parkinson’s, although it is unclear as to why the changes take place. The changes include-

Presence of Lewy bodies-

The clumps of some specific substances in the brain cells are the microscopic markers of Parkinson’s. They are known as Lewy Bodies which researchers believe that they hold important clues to the reason of Parkinson’s disease.

Alpha-synuclein found in Lewy bodies-

Although several substances are found in Lewy bodies, the scientists believe that the important one is a natural & widespread protein known as alpha-synuclein. It is found in all the Lewy bodies in clumped form which the cells cannot break down. It is presently an important focus among the researchers of Parkinson’s disease.

Risk Factors of Parkinson’s’ disease are:-

Age– Young adults very rarely experience Parkinson’s. it ordinarily starts in the middle or later part of life, and risk increases with age. Individuals generally develop this disease around the age of 60 or above.

Heredity– Having close relatives with Parkinson’s raise the possibilities of developing Parkinson’s. But the risk are still small unless one has several relatives in their family with Parkinson’s.

Sex– men more likely develop Parkinson’s as compared to women

Exposure to toxins– An ongoing exposure to pesticides & herbicides can slightly raise our risk of Parkinson’s disease.