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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Causes And Treatment Of Dehydration

During summers there are a variety of reasons for getting dehydrated. The brightly shinning sun is responsible making you feel weak and unwell. Following are the reasons due to which you may feel the same:

Treatment Of Dehydration

  • As the environmental temperature rises, water evaporates from our body at increased rate, causing dehydration. This also leads to a number of signs and symptoms- lethargy, weakness being the notable ones.
  • If we don’t consume water in ample amount it can add up in it. This should be noted since water is going out of your system in the form of sweat; we need to retain the same in the body by drinking up fluids.
  • Chances of water borne diseases like diarrhea, loose stools, vomiting, typhoid and urinary tract infection increase. If these diseases and signs are not addresses immediately then the situations can get complicated and also lead to dehydration, renal failure, acidosis, and sepsis.
  • Working outside and doing prolonged outdoor activities can lead to dehydration.

All the above causes can lead to dehydration. This can further complicate and cause heat effect and heat stroke. This can be life threatening. So to combat it , we should take some precautions

  • Drink up on fluids. Take the same on regular intervals. Load up your system with

lemon water, coconut water, chhach, lassi, etc.

  • Use clean and safe water, use proper clothings and hats.
  • Keep yourself well covered and protected in the sun- use hats and umbrellas
  • You can also use a sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from getting tanned and getting skin burns.

If by any chance you do get dehydrated, refer to the following list to get back on your feet fast:

  • Increase water intake along with salt and sugar -homemade/ORS solutions is the best.
  • In case of fever , consult your physician and use antipyretics.
  • Watch for amount of urine a person is passing , this can give a crude idea about the hydration status of the body.
  • Use sun screens, hats, goggles, and cotton clothes.
  • Use proper antibiotics and antisecretory agents with the consult of your family physician in case of infective diarrhea , food poisoning and gastroenteritis.

There are few warning signs which might need attention and urgent consultation with your doctor:

  1. Decreased mental activity
  2. Decreased urine amount.
  3. Breathing difficulty
  4. Bloody diarrhea
  5. Fever> 102 F
  6. Low blood pressure
  7. Severe pain in the abdomen

So to fight the scotching summer heat take precautionary measures and in case of warning signs please consult nearby hospital. ENJOY  SUMMERS.