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Causes of enlarged prostate

Enlarged prostate refers to a rise in size of prostate. It does not result from cancer. Enlarged prostate is medically termed as BPE or benign prostatic enlargement.

  • Benign is not a cancer
  • Prostatic refers to prostate &
  • Enlargement refers to rise in the size

It is also called BPH or Benign prostatic hyperplasia. Hyperplasia refers to a rise in quantity of cells. It is this rise in quantity of cells which makes prostate get bigger.

Enlarged prostate is common in males around and above 50 years of age. Not every males with enlarged prostate would experience symptoms. However, with the growth of prostate, it may press on the external area of urethra, leading to constriction of urethra. This can curb or even stop the urine-flow when the patients try to urinate.

Approximately 1/3rd males above 50 years, experience urinary symptoms. The most common reason of the symptoms is enlarged prostate.

Causes of Enlarged prostate

Causes behind an enlarged prostate are yet not known. However, 2 risk factors have been identified, that can raise our risk of getting enlarged prostate


Our risk of getting enlarged prostate rises with age. Many males aged 50 or above experience enlarged prostate, however, they all do not experience the symptoms. Few males experience symptoms which do not bother them.

Levels of Hormone

Balance of hormones such as oestrogen& testosterone, in our body changes with our age. This can lead to growth of prostate.

Other factors

Ass per certain studies, obese men and diabetic males could be more likely to have an enlarged prostate. Regular exercises can help in lowering our risk of urinary symptoms. However, further studies need to be done on the causes of enlarged prostate for identifying some ifs, hows and ways of prevention.

As per the suggestions of some researches, we could be more likely at risk of growing an enlarged prostate, if our brother or father had one. However, further studies need to be made for confirmation of it.