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Children can Stress You Out!

Children can Stress You Out!
in Paediatrics

Apr 19, 2022

The fast paced life in today’s world leaves little space for anything else. As the world is advancing towards technological development the professional demands are consuming more of physical and emotional energy. Old institutions are being tested for their relevance in today’s scenario. This is also true for marriage, joint families and parenting.

Child rearing is no longer an easy job. It requires a lot of planning from the time of conception to the ultimate birth and further on. An expectant mother has to think about taking a professional break, relocation or even opting for the work from home option. This not only stifles the career progression but also reduces the family income. Moreover one has to keep separately a specific amount for various illnesses that are encountered during childhood which increases the financial burden.

Spend time with kids to stress out


As the baby grows parents often complain that they spend little time with each other. They also find little time to spare for their hobbies. Some of the mothers go into post- natal depression feeling a sense of emptiness with less and erratic sleep. It is not possible for every family to send their child to day care, it leaves them with too much of guilty feeling.

Parents are also stressed about whether their child is eating enough, is healthy or doing well in their school and studies. Society puts unreasonable demand and comparison with other kids put doubt about their parenting capabilities in the mind of young parents. For some parents this is too much to ask for and they wilt under pressure.

This is one of the reasons that birth rates are declining in the developed world. Moreover it is often seen that after the birth of first child parents who are busy professionally and do not plan a second child. With the extinction of the joint family structure, child rearing puts too much demand on parents, and many of them are not willing to invest time, money and energy

How to set it right!

  • Take time out for yourself and indulge in a hobby that helps you spend time at home with your kids.
  • Take vacations to have fun with your family
  • Ask your elders to be an integral part of your child’s life, so that they can be there for them, when you are busy.
  • Always keep an open ear to your child’s or spouses complaints
  • Balance your work and personal life. No one can live with a mobile phone
  • You may be ambitious, but its best to build your life personally and have kids. Discuss your options with your employer
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