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How does Cigarette Smoking Affect the Circulatory System

How does Cigarette Smoking Affect the Circulatory System
in Internal Medicine

Apr 19, 2022

Post the mid of 20th Century, it was discovered that smoking isn’t a healthy habit. Smoking adversely affects our body and our circulatory system which comprises of blood vessels, muscles and the organs which transport our blood across the body. Following is an elaboration on the effects that are caused due to smoking and how it can impact your arteries, veins and heart health adversely:

Smoking Toxins can damage your circulatory system :

Smoking products contain many toxins which can damage our body. These toxins are worse when combined along with cigarettes. They include carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, free radicals, and metals i.e. lead, tar and radioactive compounds. Carbon monoxide affects our blood directly by impeding oxygen’s transportation to our organs. Free radicals increase our LDL or low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, hence, raising our cholesterol levels.

Smoking causes decreased circulation:

Toxins in cigarettes i.e. carbon monoxide, free radicals, etc , impede the blood from being transported across the body. This happens as the blood vessels narrow down. For receiving oxygen and the nutrients, all our major organs i.e. brain, heart, muscles and the tissues depend on proper circulation of blood. Other organs like liver also need proper circulation of blood for transporting the toxins out from the body.

Effects of Smoking:

Decreased circulation of blood causes hypertension, blood clots, increased heart rate, and arterial wall buildup along with lowered body temperature. Additionally lowered circulation of blood causes problems in our fingers and toes; hence amputation may be needed in serious cases.

Complications due to Smoking:

Smoking directly leads to coronary heart disease that is the top reason for death worlwide. Smoking also causes peripheral vascular problems, heart attack, stroke, abdominal aortic aneurysm, etc. Smoking adversely affects the women and can affect their hormones along with the circulatory system.

Passive smoking is injurious to health:

Passive smoking increases the risk of functionality of circulatory system too. As per American Heart Association, 69,600 heart disease and blood vessel related yearly deaths occur because of passive smoking. Even if someone quits smoking but remains around people that smoke, particularly cigarettes, are at still at risk.


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