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Common Skin Problems In Menopause

Menopause occurs in many women around the age of 50 years. During menopause the ovaries become atrophic (breaking down of the tissue takes place making the organs lose their function)  and the level of estrogens (the female hormone)  derived from the ovaries decreases.

Skin Problems In Menopause

The decrease of estrogen results in atrophy of external genitalia , loss of vulval subcutaneous fat, thinning of vagina wall & change in the pH of vagina which leads to frequent infections. The local use of acidic cleansers is effective in controlling infections. These changes in simple terms shows that the woman’s body changes.

Menopause & skin issues:

Dry Skin is considered to be an important skin problem in menopause. Dryness occurs due to decrease in the hualuronic acid contenet of the dermis. This decreases the water binding capacity of the skin. This along with the decrease in circulating estrogens level results in dry skin problems like wrinkles, localized or generalized itching, eczema etc. The Use of emollients & moisturizers is effective in controlling the dryness. The Use of soaps should however be avoided.

Menopausal Flushing is also very troublesome for women around this time. It involves a quick feeling of heat & sometimes a flushed face & sweating. These hot flashes can occur any time of the day, sometimes it makes it harder to sleep. Hormoone Replacement Therapy may be given in severe cases.

Hirsuitism or increase in facial hair is another common problem encountered in menopause. This can be effectively treated by Lasers.

How to keep your skin hydrated?

Skin Hydration is one of the most important aspect of a healthy skin. When the skin is not hydrated well it may lead to dry skin problems like itching, eczema, various dermatitis, accelerated ageing, increased chances of infection etc.

Hydration of the skin can be easily achieved by following simple & easy regimes. This include following proper diet, use of appropriate soaps & cleansers and use of effective topical.

A proper diet includes handful of nuts rich in antioxidants on daily basis. Vitamin C rich fruits & fish Oil or seafood are also known to keep the skin soft & supple

Use of appropriate cleansers like skin-balanced pH based face wash available in the market easily.

Avoid using harsh soaps like detergents & antiseptics.

Emollients like liquid paraffin, squalene, vitamin E based creams are an excellent natural moisturizing factors ( NMFs).

Besides coconut oil or olive oil are also considered a great barrier protectant. It can be safely used even in babies & elderlies during or after bath for the maximum results.

Daily use of Vitamin C & E based serums helps to replenish water content of the skin .It also forms an integral part of the ant ageing regimen.