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Cucumber is good for Weight Loss. What makes it Unique and so Healthy?

Cucumber is known as a ‘natural cooler’ for the body that helps combat dehydration, constipation and over eating. It also has detoxifying and cleansing effect on the body. Being least in calories gives only 16 calories in 100 grams of cucumber- as it’s a water bearing vegetable, i.e. it comprises 95% of water. Hence gives you better satiety and metabolism boost.

Benefits of Cucumber in Weight loss

Best  reasons to add cucumber in your diet :

  • It detoxifies you – Cucumbers being nutrient dense, low in calories known for fighting cancer due to its antioxidant properties by providing protection against oxidative stress, helps you stay younger for long by delaying ageing , all these properties makes it so versatile and an important part of our diet.
  • It gets out the toxins in you – It helps flush out all the toxins and waste from the blood and gut by cleansing the liver. It manages to do the same by producing more of urine inside our body and by acting as a diuretic. It eases the feeling of bloating and uncomfortable water retention.


  • It fights skin issues – A lot of studies have proven that cucumber and its seeds have shown results fight skin problems- such as acne, scars and puffiness around eyes etc. along with your skin it also ensures healthy heart and bones. Vitamin c packed in cucumber makes it an immunity booster and magnesium and potassium in this vegetable helps regulate normal blood pressures and ensure nerve health.
  • Helps prevent headaches – Headaches, migraines can be triggered by a lot of things including stress, dehydration, fatigue, low sugars etc. – use of cucumbers for such a group of people has shown lowering of number of headaches reported. Its inflammatory properties fight inflammation and hence reduce pains.