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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Deworming and preventive measures

Worms in intestine is a common health problem in growing children, mainly in developing countries. There are many reasons for the parasitical infection that particularly takes place because of unhygienic conditions. One of the most common reasons for infection is consumption of undercooked meat. At many places, mainly the roadside stalls, the meat dishes aren’t always cooked with due care. Therefore, the infectious worms present in the meat, get transferred into our body, wherein it gets stuck to the intestinal walls, and they act like parasites as they draw nutrition from our body, in order to grow and this harms the body.  Children get the infection while playing in the muddy areas that are inhabited by such worms. Hence, many parents make their children deworm, almost each year. While there are medications to help us get dewormed, the awareness regarding deworming is vital to spread to masses.

 National deworming day

To celebrate national deworming day every year in February across the country, the deworming tablets are distributed to children from 1 year to 19 years in the many schools and pre-schools. As mental and physical health & safety of children is of highest importance, deworming is a highly effective step for the safety of the future of the country. Though deworming tablets have mild side effects such as vomiting, nausea & diarrhea, they are safe and recommended by Ministry of Health.

Some common symptoms of getting infected by intestinal worms comprise of pain in abdomen or some abnormal itching, blood in stool, sudden loss of weight, rashes in body, etc.

Below preventive measures shall be taken for deworming, especially amongst children:

  • Do not defecate in the open, rather always use a toilet
  • Cook meat properly before eating
  • Wear shoes while going out of home
  • Always wash your hands properly with water and soap before eating & after using toilet
  • Always keep surroundings neat & clean
  • Always trim your nails and keep them short & clean
  • Always wear slippers while using toilet too
  • Never leave food uncovered
  • Always drink safe food and clean water
  • Do not ever eat raw vegetables and fruits without washing them with clean water