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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Diabetes Diet – all about making the right choices- World Diabetes Day

Healthy snacking is a great way to keep glucose levels stable, but sometimes it may seem that choosing snacks is easier said than done. Making a smart choice starts with understanding the fundamentals behind the effect of carbs on glucose level.

A Diabetic Diet should have appropriate ratio of three major nutrients carbohydrate, fats and proteins in the ratio of 60:20:20.

Carbs break in to sugar and certain types of carbs increase the blood glucose levels. As a rule diabetes friendly snacks should contain 15-30 grams of carbohydrates and should aim at 100-200KCals. Your days plan should include three major meals and 2 minor meals (snacks).

Healthy Diabetes Diet

  • Tasty trail Mix: Almonds, rasins, walnuts, hazelnuts, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds can be added together to make healthy snacking options. The antioxidant and fiber rich snacks help maintain the sugar levels.
  • Fruits smoothies: Choosing antioxidant rich berries and a half a cup of yoghurt (low fat) makes a good snacking option; spoonful of flaxseeds can be added to make it healthier.
  • Hummus dip and Veggie Sticks: Hummus protein will provide satiety and keeps full for long. Veggies like carrot, cucumber, broccoli, peppers can be used. Instead of hummus curd dip and herbs like oregano, thyme and basils can be prepared.
  • Vegetable Poha/Upma: Adding a variety of veggies like carrot, beans, broccoli, leafy vegetables, and sprouts can also be added to make it healthier. Using red poha instead of white would add on iron and fiber content as well.
  • Sprout Chaat: Black gram and moong sabut sprouts are rich in fibre and vitamin C. Adding this chaat as a snacking option helps in slow release of sugar in the blood.
  • Fruit: Choosing low sugar and high fiber containing fruits like papaya,apple, orange, World Diabetes Daypear and guava. Fruits like mango, banana, chickoo, grapes are high in sugar therefore should be consumed in moderation and in half the quantity. 1-2 fruit serving is recommended in diabetic diet.
  • Butter milk: Salted butter milk contains protein that provides satiety. This should be added to your diet.
  • Popcorn: Fat and salt free plain popcorn could be a healthy option.
  • Roasted grains (ready to eat): Roasted Channa/wheat puffs/flakes/millets are readily available in market. Tablespoon of these can be eaten in between 3 major meals.
  • Soups: Adding fiber rich vegetables like asparagus, broccoli in vegetable stock makes the soup more nutritious.