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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

A Step by Step Guide to Diagnose Breast Cancer by Top Oncologist in Gurgaon

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer and therefore, is also one of the most researched. Some breast cancer symptoms include lumps or thickening in certain areas of the breast, redness, dimpling, and even a change in size or appearance of the breast. If you begin to see any of these signs, it’s time to find a breast cancer specialist in Gurgaon and set up an appointment. Given the sensitivity and complexity of the illness, you must make sure you do thorough research to find the best oncologist in Gurgaon who works in one of the best cancer care hospitals. The hospital you go to will conduct the tests mentioned below to help diagnose your breast cancer and then will accordingly proceed with your cancer care.

breast cancer symptoms and awareness

A Step by Step Guide to Diagnose Breast Cancer by the Best Oncologist in Gurgaon at Paras Hospitals.

Clinical Breast Exam- The oncologist you have chosen will begin by checking your breasts and the lymph nodes around your armpits to feel for any lumps or thickening areas. Regular breast exams should be conducted at timed intervals either by yourself or by a cancer specialist to foster breast cancer awareness and as a preliminary prevention measure.

Mammogram – A mammogram is essentially just an X-ray of your breast to screen for any cancer. There are broadly two types of basic mammograms – screening and diagnostic. While the former is regularly administered to detect any cancer in the breast, the latter is used specifically after the patient begins to show certain signs of breast cancer or after a suspicious screening mammogram result. The best oncologists in Gurgaon will be able to recommend the most efficient types of breast screenings for you to ensure maximum comfort while also securing the best results.

Ultrasound Scan – After the two stages above, your oncologist might recommend an ultrasound (often called a sonogram) of the breast tissue to get a clear image of the internal structure of the breast. If there are any cancerous masses, chances are that your cancer care specialist will be able to catch it.

Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) – An MRI scan is used to form detailed pictures of the anatomy and will thus help get a variety of images of the breast to search for any cancer. All the best cancer care hospitals in Gurgaon will be able to provide you with a comfortable MRI and the medical team will then assess the results to help diagnose you.

Biopsy – A breast biopsy is when a certain amount of tissue is extracted from the concerned area of the breast. To do this, the oncologist will be using a specialised needle and will be guided by an X-ray to ensure that cells are extracted from the best possible place. Your biopsy samples will then be sent to a laboratory for a team of medical experts to determine whether or not the cells are cancerous. A biopsy is also the only definitive test that can be conducted to learn whether the suspicious area is cancerous.

If after all these tests you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, your oncologist may require additional exams to help with prognosis. Following that, you can continue to do more research to help you find the best hospital for cancer treatment in Delhi to make your cancer treatment as successful as possible. If luckily you find that you do not have breast cancer, make sure you continue to conduct self-examinations as a preliminary measure. With the help of the best oncologists, you can move forward with your cancer care knowing that you have all the best aid by your side. For an expert group of oncologists in Gurgaon, check out Paras Hospitals breast cancer team here.