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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Diet tips for Arthritis

Diet is important for health especially the breakfast. Hot & cold cereals are also good. A serving with fiber-full whole grains can assist in reducing an inflammation. There exist many nutritious bowls of cereal which are made from brown rice, corn, quinoa, buckwheat, kamut, and hemp. Whole grain are not calorie-free & control on a portion of intake is important.

Load your system with beverages :

Both tea and Coffee have a high amount of antioxidants & as per studies, they result in many health benefits. Taking at least 4 cups of coffee daily has been reported to diminish the risk of cardiac diseases, depression, stroke, gout and some cancers. It also helps in relieving dry eye syndrome & protects the liver health. Like coffee, tea comprises of polyphenols which have the anti-inflammatory properties. Tea drinkers have a lower risk of diabetes & possible heart disease.

Don’t load your system with sugar:

In addition to browsing the ingredients for ensuring that we take whole grains, whether for bread or cereal with at least 3gm – 5 gm fiber per serving, we shall also ensure that we don’t load up on sodium and sugar.

Opt for Oatmeal :

Instant oatmeal is quicker and easier to make & comprises of certain nutritional benefits of the old-fashioned oatmeal. However, it comprises more of the artificial ingredients, low fiber& can have added sugar.

Keep a check on the fat:

We should be careful of the fat content whether it is eggs or peanut butter. We can mix the regular peanut butter along with some low-fat alternatives or some other type of nut butter ( i.e. walnut or almond)for 1 serving. Tossing liquid egg white with egg batter is also a good idea.

Opt for smoothies:

Smoothies are the easy and quick way of getting a recommended serving of vegetables and fruits. Making our own would help us keep the sugar content low. Unsweetened, fresh canned or frozen fruits are the best. Adding a scoop of some healthy protein power & low-fat or nondairy milk, then mixing with some honey for sweetness. We can also add more nutrition by adding healthy nuts to it.