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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Differences between Immunization and Vaccination

Both vaccines and immunizations refer to the condition wherein our body is made indifferent against diseases. The difference is how we acquire this indifference. Immunization refers to a general term which is used for every indifference type our bodies acquire towards diseases. We may acquire this naturally, by suffering from the disease at a certain stage. We may also get it through some artificial exposure to the controlled amount of germs that cause the disease.  This refers to vaccination. In one sense vaccination is a kind of immunization too. The only difference is that we artificially do it in a safe way.

Immunization and Vaccination

Immunization is Natural while Vaccination provides artificial immunity:

  • Vaccines and Immunity – Vaccines could comprise of dead or weakened germs which could produce a disease. But germs are either weakened or dead to such a level that they are not capable of causing illness. When they are introduced inside our bodies as some vaccine, bodies develop antibodies against them. Antibodies could be referred to as natural soldiers that fight against any perceived threat to our body. Once our body makes the antibodies that they live on. If someone ever encounters the germ or virus again, the antibodies kill them before they could harm our body.
  • Immunizations, protection the natural way- Same aspects occur in immunization. The only difference is that it is a natural process. Once we get an illness and our body overcomes it, it stores away this update in the form of the antibodies.
  • Body Responses – In vaccination, the antibodies defend us if we come across the germ or virus for the second time. People get vaccinations even if they can naturally gain the immunity because most diseases don’t give us the chance to live after the 1st attack, that is, diseases such as smallpox, tetanus & diphtheria. Millions of individuals globally died of the lethal diseases prior to the development of vaccines.  Many diseases lead to irreparable harm to our body.

Today vaccines are available against lethal diseases such as polio, rubella, pertussis, and tetanus. Vaccinations ensure protection from several diseases in a secure way.