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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Dizziness In Summer Season

In our country, summer extends from March to September. The weather during this time is either dry or humid. It is a long period with is accompanied with changes in temperature and humidity. This is also a period of dust, poor sanitation, poor drainage.

During this period we as doctors see quite a good number of patients seeking medical attention for dizziness or giddiness. This season affects your senses and also has an effect on the cardiovascular system, neurological system. Such symptoms are also generated due to imbalance in ear canals and due to vertigo.

prevent dizziness in summer

Let’s enumerate the important causes of dizziness and giddiness:

  • High uncontrolled blood pressure/ blood sugar.
  • High calorie intake as it is a season of litchi, mangoes and ice creams.
  • Patients with cardiac problems taking diuretics got more dehydrated due to additive effect of dry weather.
  • Neurology patients are prone to dehydration and dizziness as they cannot take care of themselves properly.
  • Sudden change in temperature – movement from AC to outside temperature can cause giddiness.
  • People are more prone to throat infection and this may lead to fever, giddiness and BPPV.
  • Medical problems like stroke, encephalitis, angina, arrythmias , UTI , upper resiratory tract infection and other infectious diseases can also cause dizziness.

 Precautions to prevent dizziness and giddiness during summers:

  • Maintain adequate hydration
  • Avoid drastic temperature change.
  • Don’t take high calorie food at once.
  • Keep your blod pressure and blood glucose in control.
  • See your physician if dizziness persists for > 24 hours.

Once you develop dizziness , there are few home remedies which you can try:

  • Take lots of water and maintain hydration.
  • Take precautions during change in posture.
  • Way to toilet and bathroom should be well lighted as one can injure himself.
  • Stay in a comfortable zone of AC (22-26 c)
  •  Mild anti vertigo drugs like betahistine/ cinnarizine should be taken
  • Don’t hesistate to consult your doctor if dizziness persists as it can be a forrunner of a life threatening event