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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Do obesity and overweight affect pregnancy ?

Whats the weight of a woman when she becomes pregnant & what is the weight she gains during her pregnancy affects her health and her baby’s health. Getting pregnant with a normal BMI or body mass index & gaining weight in the recommended levels in pregnancy are vital ways for protecting the health of a mother and child.

overweight affect pregnancy

Nervous pregnant woman.

Pregnant women underweight (with BMI lower than 18.5) shall gain 28 – 40 pounds. Pregnant woman with normal weight (BMI 18.5 – 24.9) shall gain 25 – 35 pounds. Pregnant women with BMI over 25 – 29.9) are overweight and shall gain 15 – 25 pounds only. Obese pregnant women with BMI more than 30 shall restrict gaining weight from 11 – 20 pounds only.

A recent study shows that gaining more weight during the pregnancy than the recommended level raises the risk for complications. Overweight or the obese pregnant women face several possible risks on health, such as high Blood pressure, increased the possibility of the need for Cesarean delivery, gestational diabetes.

Diabetes that starts during pregnancy is known as gestational diabetes. Women with gestational diabetes are at high lifetime risk of obesity & type 2 diabetes.
Developing fetuses of an obese woman is also at greater risk of health issues, i.e. Researchers showed the connection between the maternal obesity & neural tube defects in which brain or the spinal column doesn’t form properly in the early development. Researchers also suggest that obesity raises the chance of a woman giving birth to a baby with a defect in its heart by nearly 15%. Gestational diabetes can also lead to problems for the newborn baby such as lethally low-level f blood sugar, the large size of the body which can result in injuries at birth, high level of bilirubin that can lead to other health issues.

Children of a mother with gestational diabetes are also at high lifetime risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. We advise that women shall be conscious about their diet and nutrition especially prior to pregnancy. Staying active, good nutrition and gaining right weight are some vital ways for having a healthy pregnancy.