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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Drug Abuse - Do Parents Need to Worry

Drug and other psychoactive substance abuse is among the biggest challenges for the modern society and especially for the current generation. Considering the severe consequences of drug abuse it is definitely a cause of great worry to the parents. If we try to find out why it is so the following reasons can be cited.

Drug Affects on Health

  • Drugs Affect Your Mental and Behavioral Status: Drug abuse has significant psychological and physiological negative consequences, because of the psychological impact the drug abuse is treated as a psychological disorder. Varying drugs have different sets of negative psychological outcomes but limiting the rational thinking capacity, problems in reality orientation and having symptoms of other psychological disorders of depression and psychotic spectrum disorders are the common ones. Apart from this it also has significant financial burden on the drug abuses that invariably comes on the parents. The compulsion to manage money for purchasing expensive drugs leads the child to many of the anti social activities ranging from theft, extortion, burglary and at times to most serious crime murder.
  • Drugs Can Force a Child in Bad Company:The compulsive need for having the drug throws the child in the company of other sick and evil community, which has it’s own negative outcomes. The society label the child and the family become stigmatized in the social set up, which leads to social disintegration of the child and the family. The person who is once labeled as a drug addict finds it very difficult to come out of the discriminative approach of the society in spite of best of the attempts.
  • Drugs Can Limit Your Child’s Future: In today’s cut throat competition where one has to perform at his fullest to become successful in academics and career, a child with drug abuse problem can’t stand as his capacities are ruined due to drug addiction.
  • Drugs Are All Around Us: Few years back drug addiction used to be a less common phenomena in the society, but with time it has surrounded our of our day to day life. Drugs are more readily available to the child and to the youth. Due to easy availability and the mindset of the youth in his teen age and the adulthood, where decision making capacity considering the consequence of an action is limited, the risk of drug addiction becomes alarming. Also, it has to be stopped before it starts, hence keeping a check is important.