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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Ear phones and how they can harm your ears and hearing?

Earphones are highly popular now a days. You can find  everyone wearing earphones these days because they are highly common and they are used with every single device that you have. There are multiple ways in which the earphone can be dangerous for you. There are major harmful effects of using earphones too frequently along with their ways to counter them:

  1. Noise Cancelling Earphones– Using noise cancelling earphones is highly preferable options of music listeners now a days because it allows them to completely remove the external distraction voices while they are listening to music.
  2. Accidents Due To Careless Use Of Earphones- When you are listening to music then it is quite common that you don’t pay attention to the area and that can be highly harmful when you are in the venue where you can be in the contact of incoming and outgoing vehicles.
  3. Ear Infection Due To Earphone Sharing– When two people use one earphone by sharing then this does sound very affectionate act but this can be really very dangerous for the ears due to increased risk of infections.
  4. NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss) Due To Loud Music – Loud music might sound good but it can be equally dangerous for the ears if listened very frequently.
  5. Using Earphone While Traveling Is Bad- When you are traveling then, using earphones might turn out to be bad for your health.
  6. Hearing Loss Due To Regular Use Of Earphone- Regular use can cause permanent damage to the ears.