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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

What Are The Effects of Drug Abuse?

People who are addicted to substance abuse can have an adverse effect on their metal and psychological health. These chemical substances can play havoc in their lives and can affect the life balance of many. In additional the social and economic challenges are also face by them. Some of the adverse effects of drug abuse are:

1)  Deterioration of physical health:

  • Different drugs have varied and serious direct physical and psychological consequences such as anxiety, depression, psychosis, abnormal body sensation, seizures, suicidal behaviors and even sudden death. Apart from this there are several other indirect health hazards associated with drug abuse such as:
    • Chances of having HIV and Hepatitis B& C infections due to use of infected syringes while consuming intravenous drugs.
    • Becoming a victim of road and other accidents.
    • Chances of having other medical conditions due to weak immunity state and sick health.

Effects of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse has serious negative impact on a person’s social and family lives which are:

  • The drug abuse affects behavior adversely which leads to loss of job, family problem, divorce, neglect of children and other criminal offences.
  • Drug abusers often throw themselves in the company of anti social elements of the society, which leads the individual to the path of crime and other anti social activities.

Some other negative aspects related to drug abuse apart from the mentioned ones are:

  • The treatment of drug abuse is complicated- It requires prolonged medical and psychological intervention. Also, the chance of having a relapse is quite high.
  • Social Stigma – The acceptance of the person in the society even after leaving the drug is difficult. The society always imposes the level of “Drug Addict” on the individual which leads to low self esteem and poor quality of life of the person.
  • Mental Health Issues – Drug abuse is often associated with serious psychiatric illness which complicates the situation and treatment procedure.

Considering the complications of drug abuse and difficulties in treatment the prevention mechanism need to be very strong in the society.