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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

What are the effects of Smoking on the Body?

Smoking is an exceptionally bad habit as it affects the smoker and also the people near the smoker. Both active and passive smoking are harmful to the patient. Worldwide smoking has emerged as the leading cause of death and the reason for numerous cancers. Studies also highlight that smoking is the leading cause of renal failure.

Effects of Smoking on Health

Smoking and its effect on Circulation System:

While smoking, the toxins of cigarette smoke penetrate our body. These toxins then

  • Make our blood thicker and raise the probability of clot formation.
  • Raise our heart rates and blood pressure making our heart to work harder than usual.
  • Constrict our arteries, curbing the amount of blood rich in oxygen to circulate into our organs.

The aforementioned altogether can lead to heart attack or a stroke.

Smoking and its effect on the Heart:

Smoking damages our heart and circulation of the blood, thus increasing the chances of coronary heart disease, stroke, heart attack, cerebrovascular disease (or damaged arteries supplying blood to the brain) and peripheral vascular disease (or damaged blood vessels). Nicotine and carbon monoxide in the smoke both put the strain on our heart by enforcing it to work faster. They also raise the chances of blood clots. The other chemicals of cigarettes’ smoke damage the lining of our coronary arteries. Smoking hence doubles the risk of having the heart attack and a smoker is twice likely to die due to coronary heart disease in comparison with a lifetime nonsmoker. However, within 1 year of quitting smoking reduces the risk to 50%. After having quit smoking for over 15 years, the risk then becomes similar to somebody who has not smoked ever.

Smoking and its effect on the Lungs:

Smoking adversely affects lungs. Initial phases of smoking lead to coughs, wheezing, colds and asthma. Smoking can lead to fatal issues i.e. emphysema, pneumonia and lung cancer. Smoking leads to 884% deaths due to lung cancer and 83% deaths due to COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is a progressive and a debilitating issue. COPD is a collection of the lung diseases like emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Patients with COPD have breathing problems because of narrowed airways and damage of lung tissues. Quitting smoking curbs the progression of COPD.

Smoking and its effect on the Skin:

Smoking decreases the oxygen amount that penetrates our skin i.e smokers face early skin aging and dull and gray skin by 10-20 years earlier and facial wrinkling may also occur. Toxins in our body cause cellulite.

Smoking and its effect on the Bones:

Smoking leads the bones to become brittle and weak. Women need to take extra care as they usually suffer from Osteoporosis or brittle bones as compared to nonsmokers.

Smoking and its effect on the Reproduction & Fertility:

Smoking causes male impotence too because it damages blood vessels supplying blood to the penis. It can harm sperm, decrease sperm count and also lead to testicular cancer. Smoking men have lower sperm count as compared to the non-smoking ones.

Women who smoke have reduced fertility. As per a study, smokers are more than 3 times more likely to have taken over 1 year to conceive when compared to nonsmokers. Smoking raises the risk of cervical cancer.