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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Emotions and Cancer Treatment

In the journal  “Behavioral Medicine” in 1991 by S.M Lee and et al., a study conducted on mice in Pennsylvania, highlighted a  crucial lesson in cancer treatment. Stress in life in whatever forms does not promote the cancer as such, but it is the reaction or the persistent perception of helplessness that has an affects on the body’s reaction to the disease.  Now, studies have proved beyond doubt that emotions like helplessness or uncertainty about what life will offer during the time of treatment, produces neurotransmitters in brain which causes stimulation of sympathetic stimulation in body leading to decrease in immunity, which in turn allow cells to proliferate inspite of treatment.

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

 This is more highlighted in a book written by Ian Gawler “You can Conquer Cancer” where he has given his own example. With death nearing him due to osteosarcoma- tumor in the bone ( as told by his oncologists), Ian practiced intense mediation along with changes in diet. Serenity and utter calm descended on him there by producing tremendous changes in his body leading to cure.

Your brain controls your treatment:

In recent times, an exciting field by the name of psycho- neuro-onco immunology has come up. In the trials conducted in this field, it has been clearly shown that negative emotions leads to blocking of Natural Killer Cells, T and B lymphocytes of blood( which help in fighting cancer) thereby affecting treatment in a negative way. That is why, a highly scientific critical mind in comparison to simple straight forward mind succumbs to disease rapidly inspite of best treatment. And this is the biggest loophole of scientific randomized control trials.

The right diet heals you :

 A word about diet here is must. You are what you eat, is a fact, which till late has not been realized by modern medicine but numerous studies have shown the relationship between diet and behavioral response and its direct relationship in cancer treatment. So, the way you eat not only decides your physical life but also, the way you feel, you think and you experience life. So, healthy diet and positive thinking/emotions are directly proportional to successful treatment in cancer.