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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Endoscopic Thyriodectomy – Advanced and better technology for thyroid surgery done at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon

Thyroid surgery is very common surgery and in recent decades, this surgery has become a common intervention with low intraoperative risks. In thyroid surgery, several alternative and advanced approaches have been introduced. This alternative approaches like endoscopic thyroid resection requires a corresponding experience in conventional thyroid surgery, an appropriate patient selection, considering thyroid volume, nodule size and underlying pathology of the patient.

Surgeons have been performing this surgery for decades with incision which sits right in the centre of neck, but with advancement of skills and equipments scar less Endoscopic surgeries for neck region is possible. In Paras Hospital, Gurgaon, we have been doing this type of surgery from more than two years and have given excellent results with minimal complications.

“I was double minded whether to go ahead with my Thyroid Surgery or not. And, the biggest fear in my mind was of carrying a scar right in centre of my neck. How am I going to cover it up and do what with it? Do I have to meet with Plastic Surgeon or not for my scar? Well cooking up stories in my mind was not helping me to reach upto my decision for the surgery. I searched and landed at Paras Hospital and to my surprise I meet Dr. Rakesh Durkhure who has been doing scarless surgery for Thyroid and Parathyroid disorders. I wanted to have this thing done totally cosmetically and I got it. Thank you Paras Hospital and Dr. Rakesh for helping me out”, say patient Ms. Smriti Chauhan (Name Changed).

With the help of three ports under the armpit, laparoscopic instruments are deployed to do surgery. Dr. Rakesh Dhurkhare, Senior Consultant, Department of Laparoscopic Surgery & Chief of Bariatric Surgery says, the main requirement for this kind of surgery is high technically improvised instruments, expertise and patience to deal with tissues with a different view. Using this technique, we do surgeries of Thyroid, Parathyroid glands, Thyroglossal Cyst, thyroid Cyst, Lymph node dissections.

With the advantage of less morbidity, early return to work, less pain, with this surgery there is Improved Social Image,Cosmesis are few advantages over conventional surgery. Also, the major advantage is avoidance of injury to the nerve to voice box, and the reason is better and magnified vision of every bit of tissues around thyroid.

In conventional surgery patient often complains of pain and inability to back flip his or her neck, such is not a condition in this scenario. All sort of neck movements are possible post operatively after few hours of getting surgery done by Endoscopic method.

In this surgery, patient stays for only one day and not much follow up is also required.