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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Energy Boosting Snacks For The Busy Mom

Small children’s snacking parents can consider themselves as professionals in providing snacks that are healthy to their children. Some snacks are a good source for a healthy body I.e. The snacks with healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Mentioned below are such healthy snacks:

Greek yogurt– Whether we take Greek yogurt by itself, as a dip of veggies and fresh fruits or as a spread, Greek yogurt comprises of vital nutrients such as calcium and protein which busy parents require maintaining health and sanity

Energy Boosting Snacks

Green smoothie: The color shall not deceive you. Green smoothies generally have much more than spinach within it, including frozen and fresh produce and sometimes protein source such as nut butter. Green smoothies can provide us with the boost that our metabolism requires to face a hectic day along with small kids. It is very important to add varieties of greens such as spinach, kale, avocado and green apple.

Hummus and whole grain crackers– Hummus is a fine source of plant-based proteins. It is good on whole grain crackers or any carbohydrate and as a dip of fresh veggies also.

Nut butter on a rice cake– Rice cake is a very filling snack on its own; however, they give good versatility like crackers or bread with a fraction of carbohydrates and calories. Rice cake is a crispy canvas for varieties of toppings like protein-packed nut butter, topped with dried or fresh fruit for additional fiber.

Dark chocolate– Sometimes we merely require little chocolate to help ourselves get through the busy parenting schedule. Dark chocolates comprise of free radical crushing antioxidants which when coupled with fiber and protein, we get a sustaining combination for ourselves to get through the busy day. Consider taking dark chocolate chips with nuts, whole grain cereal, dried fruits and seeds for a quick boost for the busy schedule.

Water– Parents, and Kids should take plenty of water. It is better to carry a water bottle and take cucumber, lemon and lime slices.

The aforementioned snacks that keep us empowered and agile to chase our kids and change their diapers.